The new Carraro CVT transmission was born

Modularity and progressiveness are the strengths underlying a pioneering technological range in the sphere of agricultural transmissions

Hanover, 14 November 2019 – Agritechnica 2019 is Carraro's opportunity to present its new CVT Powersplit transmission - an addition to the already wide range of agricultural tractors from 25 to 180 kW, now sub-divided into 3 different technological levels:

  • Mechanical transmissions (Synchro Shuttle & Shift)
  • Power Shift transmissions (Power High/Low & Power Shuttle)
  • Transmissions with Carraro Twin ShiftTM electronic control (Power Shift Dual Clutch)

All the products are based on the concept of modularity and progressiveness: a single rear module can interface with various front modules to obtain complete transmissions with differing technology levels.

The Hanover event is the opportunity to present the new Carraro CVT PowerSplit solution for engines starting from 80 kW.

The Carraro CVT module consists of a hydrostatic module (with pump and engine) that, inserted in the correct mechanical layout, supplies the characteristic speed variation and continuous torque.

To obtain a torque level with the lowest possible power losses, the transmission layout is based on the 3 CVT ranges interfaced with a High/Low reduction unit and all automatically managed via the electronic control.

All the front CVT modules are interchangeable with the other Carraro agricultural transmissions that have the same nominal power and are managed via the proprietary Carraro ECU (fully complying with ISO 25119 Ag Pl d – Functional Safety); the latter acts as the main control for the whole powertrain and also controls the additional tractor functions such as the rear hoist and other auxiliary parts.

Last update: 19 November 2019