Ethics, integrity and values

The system to protect the integrity of the Carraro Group comprises the set of codes, policies and values adopted by Group companies: 

  • Carraro Values;
  • Group Code of Ethics;
  • Sustainability Policies;
  • Procedure for Related-Party Transactions;
  • Organisational Models pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

In addition to the ethical principles, since 2011 the Group has implemented a project to identify and promote the “Carraro Values”, specifically the principles of conduct incorporated over time into the corporate culture and in place to support the Group's entrepreneurial mission.

The Carraro Values expressed in the Code of Ethics are constantly shared with all employees in recognition of the fact that these elements constitute a significant part of the Group’s intangible heritage. These values are classified into five categories:

  1. Acting responsibly
  2. Creating added value
  3. Developing talent
  4. Stimulating innovation
  5. Working together

The Code of Ethics expresses the commitments and ethical responsibilities of the Group in the performance of its business and activities, promoting behavioural standards among Group employees across all levels in relation to the principles of legality, loyalty, correctness and professional integrity, aimed at preserving the integrity of the heritage of the Carraro Group and protecting its image and respectability.

Integrity and transparency are considered essential principles of conduct by the Carraro Group in the performance of its business affairs: in this regard, the Group has adopted a series of rules of conduct that refuse any form of corruption in relations with its stakeholders. The fundamentals of these rules of conduct are formalised in some of the documents of the integrity protection system of the Carraro Group:

  • the Group Code of Ethics;
  • the Anti-Corruption Policy;
  • the Organisational, Management and Control Model adopted by Italian companies.