Markets and innovation

Research and innovation are the competitive levers which have enabled the Group to successfully trade with leading global manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery and occupy an important market position, as shown by the volumes produced, the client portfolio acquired and the distribution of sales in the main areas of the globe.

Innovating means opening the mind to the future and not being afraid to take a leap forward from the past; in a world of continual evolution, it is essential to design solutions that can anticipate the needs of tomorrow, and this means listening very carefully to the end users of our products. This is the foundation of the Group's journey of development. 

Throughout its history, Carraro has always been a pioneer in its field, from automatic seeders and four-wheel drive tractors to the increasingly sophisticated and technologically-advanced drive systems available today, designed to optimise vehicle efficiency both for off-highway (agricultural and construction machinery) and on-highway vehicles (cars and forklift trucks) and to a range of special tractors developed both for leading global manufacturers (OEM) as well as for the Carraro branded products.

Thanks to the experience gained over its eighty years history, Carraro is deeply convinced that, much more so than in the past, business success within the industry depends on a company's ability to innovate in all directions, including in the field of environmental sustainability.

The current range of Carraro products is strongly oriented towards improving the experience of end users, whether they be farmers or construction machinery operators. Improving productivity and reducing emissions and consumption continue to be fundamental objectives for the Group. This is evidenced by the Direct Drive drive system solutions for operating machines with torque converter, which improve efficiency by 12%, the ECOlogy Mode system, which enables slight reductions in the kW consumption of construction machinery and the new generation drive systems for twin-shift tractors (Twin ShiftTM), which improve productivity and offer greater comfort when using the machine in the field.

Engineering Centres

The Group’s Research and Development is carried out at the head offices of Carraro S.p.A. as well as in the regional Engineering Centres located in the main areas in which the Group operates. The Engineering Centre at the head offices of Carraro S.p.A. in Campodarsego has developed continuously over the years thanks to significant investments in design, prototyping and testing activities, as well as the development of various test areas (6,200 square metres for offices, technical areas and a test area and 97 workers employed).

The total dimension of Carraro's R&D activities is expressed by the following indicators:

Dec. 31, 2020
Human resources, R&D and prototyping
num. (FTE)
70% Italy, 30% abroad
Financial investment in R&D

Financial investment in R&D (impact on revenue)
Patents registered in various countries

R&D Centres worldwide
2 in Italy, 3 at foreign sites
Prototype development and test centres