Human resources

One of our distinguishing features is our ability to attract and integrate varied professional profiles in a company that requires a very wide range of skills.

The wide geographical distribution of Carraro Group sites, customers and suppliers encourages employees and collaborators to interact with international counterparts. They work with people from different countries and cultures, all united in the pursuit of common goals.

Transparency, free trade unions, mutual respect and constructive dialogue are quintessential at Carraro.

The Carraro Group is committed to promoting a work environment and conduct characterised by:

- The fostering of safety, health and integrity and the prevention of discrimination and abuse of any kind

We are fully committed to the protection of diversity, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and human rights, through the Diversity and Human Rights Policies, and in the Group’s Code of Ethics. We share the latter also with customers and suppliers, for commonality of principles. 

Carraro's manufacturing companies have implemented an EH&S management system based on common principles and with annual or multi-year objectives and their periodic monitoring, in particular as regards injury rates. With a view to continuous improvement, the EH&S Management systems are subject to periodic review in accordance with results obtained, in relation to changes to applicable standards. In order to ensure maximum attention to occupational health and safety, these management systems were revised in 2021 with the specific aim of aligning them with the ISO 45001 standards.

- Equal opportunities at work

We support our employees along their career path, including through training courses, in order to grow together.

- Enhancing the spirit of innovation

We recognise the potential for transformation, within the scope of each individual's responsibilities.

- Principles of merit and competence

We promote a framework in which roles, responsibilities and availability of information enable the development of the entire organisation.

- Flexibility

We champion a healthy balance of personal and work needs in tandem with efficient work organisation, as an essential ingredient of enhanced professional performance.

Carraro is attentive to employee working conditions, including those that are ancillary to production activities, (e.g. catering, medical support, availability of spaces, areas for rest or breaks). The company also offers economic and social support mechanisms in Italy and abroad in accordance with the various needs.

See our CSR report for more information.