Our Values

The shared principles that have determined our success

Since 2011, we have invested in the creation of a shared Carraro culture among all the people who work with us, both internally and as external suppliers. Shared at all levels of the company but also in different geographical areas, this culture helps create a united community of people regardless of cultural, religious and social differences. 

There are 5 Carraro values we seek in our everyday work:

We are Accountable

Ethics, Trust and Accountability are the factors that distinguish the Carraro Group.

We ensure quality at all levels by conducting ourselves in an accountable, respectful and transparent manner towards everyone with whom we deal or who is part of our Group. We respect the environment in which we operate and use it in a compatible manner.

We protect our workers with high safety standards, which are defined globally and implemented at the same level in every plant of the Group and in every country. We offer people and our shareholders the opportunity to feel that they are an active part of a successful company.

We Create Value

This is the principle that guides us in daily decisions.

The quality of our products generates value. We endeavour constantly to offer our customers the most advanced and competitive technological solutions. We generate value for our collaborators and our shareholders, ensuring the continuity of the company.

We weigh the costs and benefits of our processes in order to ensure the future development of our organisation. At every level, we value and reward performance that generates value.

We Develop Talent

We all learn by working together to grow professionally.

We promote knowledge and individual experience by developing specificities in order to produce outstanding results both in local teams as well as in international ones.

We listen to and value the ideas of everyone, contribute responsibly towards the development of talent and are generous in transferring our knowledge to others.

We Stimulate Innovation

Constant renewal has always been a vital aspect of our Group.

We promote innovation and the exchange of ideas with our customers, suppliers, technicians, collaborators and research centres. We always take advantage of innovative work methodologies.

We adopt a long-term approach in order to foresee business trends, across all company areas, seize future opportunities, and ensure the success of our Group. We know how to adapt quickly to new requirements, and we strive to develop innovation and know how.

We Work Together

Creating partnerships is a key success factor for the Carraro Group.

We want to create long-term business relationships based on mutual trust and respect by developing synergies that reinforce our competitive position, as well as that of our customers, in reference markets.

We work together with customers and suppliers in product development to ensure that the service we provide is excellent. We wish to be known as a reliable partner for all parties with whom we interact.