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A company is innovative when all its collaborators are

In a company there should not be an innovator because it is the whole company itself that must be the innovator. Since the introduction of Kaizen in the 1980s (even winning a Ford quality award in 1988), my principle has always been that a company is innovative when even its doorkeeper is. I have learned over time that this is very hard to achieve because unless you involve them, making them an active part of the company, the people who work for you will simply follow orders and nothing more. Top-down is always fundamentally important as long as it is interpreted as mutual recognition.
Mario CarraroInterview of 22 November 2017 with SenzaFiltro

We work largely on off-highway machines. Due to its intrinsic characteristics, the tractor is already a mix of innovation, technology and tradition. Dealing with agriculture today means paying close attention to the world of innovation: it is a sector that above all is responsible for solving problems of global importance, including the need to respond to the growing demand in foodstuffs to cope with global population growth. This means being able to build machines that are increasingly efficient, yet can also be highly productive whilst respecting the environment. 

In our history, we have been behind great innovations, one of them being the first four-wheel drive tractor. This is a technology that, in some markets, still represents a strong point for those who own it, in order to improve the efficiency of the vehicles themselves. 

Our production is now located in every area of the world. Our plants are centres of excellence for the production of specialised tractors, transmission systems and components.

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