Resources and environment

Carraro's manufacturing sites are located in geographical regions with very different and constantly evolving regulatory frameworks. Minimising environmental risk is a priority objective for the Group, so Carraro has brought each operating unit into line with the most rigorous standards governed by international best practices, regardless of the fact that national regulations allow varying degrees of freedom, which in any case ensure compliance with local regulations. 

Our constant efforts to adopt the most appropriate technical measures allow us to reduce the environmental impacts of our manufacturing and to earn and keep the trust of local stakeholders, such as local authorities and employees.

Each Carraro Group site has an environment, health and safety management system, based on shared values and standard practices, with defined environmental goals and regular monitoring. Results-based assessments of the management systems are regularly performed to promote continuous improvement and for the development of reference standards. In order to ensure maximum attention to environmental issues, these management systems have been updated specifically for compliance with ISO 14001 standards.

Carraro products are mainly made of cast iron and steel, and secondarily of plastic, electronic and accessory materials that can be easily separated from the product, also for the purpose of repairs in the event of malfunctions. With regard to the circular economy, these characteristics mean Carraro's finished products are particularly suitable for repair, recycling and reuse.

Carraro moves significant quantities of materials and components every year, by land, sea and air, to adequately feed its production lines, both in flows from suppliers and in the interchange between Group sites, as well as to guarantee an effective delivery service of products to customers; logistics and transport processes are therefore taken into consideration both from the point of view of time and cost efficiency and from that of environmental and climate impact. Carraro aims to harmonise all initiatives through efficient logistics practices and by seeking the greatest possible collaboration with partners in the supply chain.

For Carraro, the constant search for higher energy efficiency allowing the gradual reduction of environmental impact and industrial costs is also a factor that characterises the approach and methods that can be used to reduce energy intensity, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from its activities. In more recent years, the Group’s focus on a more judicious use of energy has led to the promotion and development of a series of organisational and operational initiatives to review energy usage decisions and implement immediately effective improvement programmes. Year after year, successive innovations continue to significantly help reduce energy consumption and emissions, and planned actions not only lead to rationalised energy consumption through more efficient production systems and products, but also contribute to the development and spread of sustainable technologies for the efficient management of energy consumption.

Manufacturing in Carraro's various manufacturing sites generates thousands of tonnes of industrial process waste every year. Reducing the quantity of waste produced is a priority company policy objective and has led to the implementation of schemes to optimise the inbound flow of raw materials, rescaling of raw materials to reduce waste, and solutions for the reuse of materials. Waste, be it recyclable or non-recyclable, hazardous or non-hazardous, is managed with the utmost diligence and performed by third parties that operate in compliance with regulations.

Carraro Group companies are committed to organising production processes in their operating areas so as to protect water sources and keep drinking water consumption at sustainable levels: Group policy requires all manufacturing sites to prepare a water consumption report and a leakage monitoring programme, so that solutions and practices can be introduced for more efficient water use.

In order to facilitate the collection, reuse, recovery and recycling of packaging by packaging management staff, and in compliance with current Italian rules for environmental labelling of packaging, we display the packaging materials used and their coding, for the operating sites mentioned.

See our CSR report for more information.