Resources and environment

We minimise environmental risk as much as possible by aligning all production facilities with the most restrictive European standards. Our objectives are aimed at a conscious use of energy, reduction of gas emissions, correct waste disposal and protection of water resources

Production and packaging materials

We work in five different countries, both from a cultural and a regulatory point of view, and we face very different and constantly evolving regulations. 

Our philosophy is to minimise environmental risk as much as possible by aligning all production sites with the strictest European standards, regardless of whether local regulations allow different degrees of freedom. 

We consider this winning practice both to ensure a lower environmental impact, but also to strengthen relations with local stakeholders, local authorities and the workers themselves.

Energy use

Our goals are to reduce energy intensity, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from our production activities. 

Objectives that allow us at the same time to minimise corporate impact and reduce corporate costs, reducing the need to resort to technical support infrastructures. 

In particular, we pay great attention to the following aspects:

  • analysis of regulatory aspects and public incentive systems, such as green certificates;
  • study of alternative energy production systems, such as cogeneration plants;
  • stipulation of energy supply contracts with producers of energy from renewable sources;
  • evaluation of investments in low consumption lighting systems. 

With regard to the energy supply sources of Italian production sites, in 2017 the target of using 100% electricity from RES (Renewable Energy Source) plants was reached. 

Environmental compliance

All Carraro sites are required to comply with the laws and regulations issued by the competent authorities, in addition to the Standard Practices indicated in the EH&S Management System. 

The Standard Practices define the activities necessary to maintain control of the sources of possible pollution both by using appropriate parameters, tools and management methods and by promoting the use of technologies that render monitoring effective.. 

The EH&S Management System envisages an annual Assessment Programme for the management and compliance of environmental aspects. 

Waste management

With an annual production of over 5 million pieces in the 9 production sites, Carraro produces approx. 14,000 tonnes of industrial process waste. For us, the reduction of the quantity of waste produced is a priority. Since 2014 we have launched waste reduction programmes focusing our attention above all on non-recyclable waste. 

Between 2014 and 2017, we have managed to reduce recyclable waste by 9.3% and non-recyclable waste by 21.4%.

Water resources

The availability of water according to the needs of the local area is an urgent problem in many parts of the world and is a growing concern for some of our most important sites and the communities living in the area. For this reason, we are committed to improving production processes in order to maintain drinking water consumption at sustainable levels for the geographical area of the site. 

Our company policy requires that all production sites have a water consumption report, with monthly reporting to the EH&S function, and a leakage monitoring programme. Depending to the size of the site and the availability of water resources, local organisations have the task of implementing solutions and practices useful for making water use more efficient.

Sustainability Report

Download the full version of our Sustainability Report, updated as of 31 December 2018

2018 Sustainability Report

31 December 2018 pdf, 6.58 MB