The eco-social dimension

Each business activity generates an economic chain with repercussions on the various categories of stakeholders distributed predominantly in the region where the business is located. There are a number of key stakeholders: employees, trade unions, suppliers, credit institutions, public administrations, universities, schools, customers and shareholders. 

The company is not an island. Because it is inherently connected, through its people and structures, to its local area and the social context in which it operates. It is for this reason that every company has a duty not only to contribute to the environmental sustainability of its local areas, but also to promote initiatives to support and develop solidarity, civil commitment and cultural activities in its communities. 

Carraro for Social

A company is not an island. Because it is always inescapably connected, through its people and structures, to the territorial and social context in which it operates.

Carraro per il Sociale - Carraro for Social

07 July 2023, 3.25 MB, pdf


The Carraro Group’s approach to industrial relations has always been based on respect for reciprocal roles and positions as part of ongoing constructive dialogue: trade union freedom is a human right enshrined in the main international agreements and in national laws. Since the early years of its existence, Carraro has always supported employees’ freedom of association, and has engaged in constant dialogue with these counterparts, pursuant to local rules and practices and with respect for reciprocal roles.

Relations with trade unions and workers' representatives are open and transparent both the Italy and in its overseas sites, where the companies have also engaged in dialogue with the nascent workers' unions. 

Carraro fosters relations with school and universities, as well as internship programmes and school-to-work placement initiatives, also through joint projects with other entities operating locally. In doing so, it helps spread technical knowledge and facilitates the intake of new hires by reducing integration times.

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