Our choices have always been guided by the same values that have allowed us to grow right from our foundation

Letter to stakeholders

For the second year, through this Report, we have the opportunity to tell you about the Carraro Group’s activities—alongside the economic and financial reports—in the field of sustainability, conscious that our way of doing business has always given top priority to respect for people, the context and the environment in which we work on every continent, maintaining identical standards at all our sites.

This is not only an ethical choice, and even less one that only responds to regulatory requirements, but a choice dictated by the awareness that our company’s competitiveness is closely linked to these subjects in the field of internal efficiency, as well as, and above all, development and in offering new products.

I also have the pleasure of signing this letter together with my brother Tomaso, deputy chairperson of the Group, who at the beginning of 2019, assumed the role of Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, an important responsibility which once again stresses the company’s attention to development that involves the right impact at every level.

The financial year that we have just ended shows that the Group is moving faster than in the forecasts. We can see this in the accounting data and record it also at the level of sustainability.

Therefore, we are growing and, above all, investing more than before, both in Research and Innovation and in the development of increasingly efficient industrial processes to be one step ahead of the reference markets, on a path of renewing our processes, which can only be sustainable at every level.

A testament to this, for example, are a number of indicators and results achieved precisely in 2018:

  • the use in Italy of electricity deriving only from renewable sources,
  • the 21.6% reduction in water consumption,
  • the 3.4% reduction in waste produced.

However, it is, above all, in the R&D sector that our Group is investing considerably with a view to sustainability. Proof of this is the new series of transmissions designed for machines where energy saving is the driver of development and the new Carraro Hybrid, first in the world in the sector of specialised tractors, which has already won prizes at international events.

The involvement of every person in the Group will be crucial in achieving the sustainability objectives over the next few years. Precisely for this reason it is fundamental to continue in our programme of professional and cultural updating, with a constant commitment which, during 2018, already saw us passing the target of 50,000 annual hours of training provided.

Again, on the subject of human capital, in this past financial year, the Carraro Academy training project came to an end. This led to the entry of many new young technical professionals to which must be added the more than 50 temporary workers who have settled in our Italian facilities.

As a testament to the attention that the Group pays both to its collaborators and to the communities in which it is present at every latitude, we also launched, at the end of 2018, a collaboration with the NGO Care&Share, which works for the emancipation of children in India through education projects, alongside the historical collaboration with Amici della Musica (Friends of Music) in Padua and—from 2018—that with Teatro Stabile del Veneto, demonstrating the support we also want to give to significant cultural projects.

As already established last year, the introduction letter of this Report cannot fail to make reference to the Values of our group, which are confirmed, as always, based on a vision of sustainability:

We are socially Responsible
We create Value in a sustainable way
We develop Talent to make the most of our human resources
We stimulate Innovation for the benefit of all
We Work Together to achieve common goals

Today, more than ever, these are the principles of our approach to business.

The future that we imagine starts here.

Enrico Carraro

Tomaso Carraro
Chief CSR Officer

Sustainability Report

Download the full version of our Sustainability Report, updated as of 31 December 2018

2018 Sustainability Report

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