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Our choices have always been guided by the same values that have allowed us to grow right from our foundation

The UN estimates that approximately 2 billion people in the world are facing moderate or serious food insecurity. More than 80% of people who live in urban areas are exposed to air pollution above the limits established by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The World Bank estimates that around 750 million men and women across the world lived in conditions of extreme poverty in 2018. According to the Global Footprint Network, in 2020 the planet used its annual available resources by 21 August, a month later than usual “thanks” to the lockdowns imposed - as we are all aware - at a global level to contain the pandemic. 

According to the British NGO Actionaid, women represent two thirds of all illiterate adults, totalling approximately 477 million.

Quite simply, there is more than one global emergency and none of the above problems can be solved by a vaccine. The only way to mitigate everything, perhaps aiming to resolve certain contingencies along the way, is through development and sustainability.

At Carraro, we believe that development is the key driver in ensuring a prosperous present and future. Our founder, Mario Carraro, always taught us that companies that stay still are destined to fail. We started out with tractors and developed into transmission system manufacturers; we were one of the first companies in Italy to use telefax, email, CAD-CAM and PCs; having consolidated our leadership, we broadened our horizons and internationalised our industrial footprint; when crisis struck, we restructured and came back strong.

Change, and therefore development, have always been an integral part of our culture and our strategic and operating activities.

Yet this development must be sustainable. Since our very beginnings, the Group has always had an Olivettian1 vision, a natural approach based on optimising our human resources and intangible assets, focusing in particular on the relationship between the business and its ethical and social responsibilities. Today, as we look to the future, sustainability must become increasingly organic and form the nucleus of our growth plans. 

To this end, we launched the Carraro Social Responsibility CSR programme in 2018.

According to the definition in the Business Dictionary, CSR is the sense of responsibility that a business or any other economic entity shows towards the community, the environment and the social context in which it operates. But we need to go even further, interpreting CSR above all as a strategic development opportunity.

A fundamental tool in the fight to end world hunger is the mechanisation of agriculture, and the capacity to cultivate more efficiently and effectively. Only those able to produce increasingly efficient vehicles and drive systems will be able to secure market leadership.

This is enabled by pursuing genuine technological evolution, focusing on digitalisation, the growing integration of electric mobility and precision farming. The installation of tri-generation plants, such as the system at our SIAP plant in Maniago, will help to cut emissions and increase the business’ competitive advantage. If we add to this an internationally recognised ESG certification, we represent a leading partner for our clients. 

These are just three examples related to our business that come to mind. The year ahead will be decisive in definitively rooting a positive CSR culture in our business as a universal asset. To this end, we have consolidated our already superb team of professionals dedicated to these issues by introducing the position of CSR Development Manager, with the aim of integrating sustainability objectives into our strategic plan. 

Furthermore, we have also included these topics in the training programme at our newly established Carraro Business School.

It has been said that 2021 will be a new beginning; for us, it marks a continuation of a journey that began more than 70 years ago, a new year in which sustainability will definitively become one of the core values of our Group. 

A year of change.

Tomaso Carraro
Deputy Chairman
Chief CSR Officer

Sustainability Report

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CSR Review 2020

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CSR Report 2020

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