The word "Whistleblowing" indicates the report made by a person who, working at or on behalf of Carraro Group, in this working context, finds himself/herself witnessing an unlawful behaviour - potentially harmful, even if only in terms of reputation, for the organization to which he/she belongs and/or for the whole community - and decides to inform about it the organization itself.

Beahaviours, acts or omissions that may be reported as harming the public interest and the integrity of the Company consist of:

  1. violations of specific European and national provisions;
  2. violations of Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 and of the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 and/or of the Carraro Group Code of Ethics and Sustainability Policies.

The channels that can be used to convey such information are:

  • the internal channel (set up by each Italian company of the Carraro Group; foreign companies are included in the Carraro Spa portal).
  • the external channel (established and managed by the National Anti-Corruption Authority, Italian Public Authority).
  • the public disclosure (e.g., through press, electronic media or means of dissemination capable of reaching a large number of people).

The choice of the reporting channel is not a whistleblower’s autonomous choice; as a priority, the internal channel must be used, and only when the conditions expressly established by the law are met, the external channel or the public disclosure are possible. The public disclosure represents a kind of last resort.

The internal channel is the only one that can be used for violations of item 2 above, in the following form:

  • written: CarraroWB portal (priority solution);
  • other mode in written form, if possible for the whistleblower: registered letter with return receipt;
  • other mode in oral form: messaging system included in the CarraroWB portal; 

or face-to-face meeting, requested by the whistleblower, which must be scheduled within a reasonable time. 

Other available reporting channels:

The external reporting channel (established and managed by the A.N.AC.) can only be used for 

  • violations referred to item 1 above;
  • retaliation reporting.

A.N.AC. may require the whistleblower to provide the proof of the proper use of the external channel.

The Whistleblowing Reporting Portal (CarraroWB portal) is designed to ensure the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity, of the person involved, of any people mentioned in the report, as well as of the content of the report and the related documentation; it is also conceived to guarantee the protection of the personal data of all people mentioned. For this reason the exclusive use of the IT platform is recommended.

If you wish to send a whistleblowing report, please fill in the online form entering the link “Access the Whistleblowing platform”.

Once the report is sent, the system will assign a personal account (id-report) and a password will have to be created.

The credentials (id-report and password) are strictly personal in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the report. It is therefore the whistleblower’s responsibility to keep them for any subsequent access to the platform in order to check any feedback and/or request for information with reference to the report sent.

The Whistleblowing Committee is responsible for the management of the whistleblowing reports.

Please see the Carraro Group Whistleblowing Guidelines Procedure.

Access the Whistleblowing platform