"Whistleblowing" means the reporting made by a person working in or on behalf of the Carraro Group or anyone as witness of irregular and/or illegal behavior - potentially harmful to the organization to which he/she belongs and/or for the whole community - who decides to report it to the organization itself.

Carraro set up different reporting channels (electronic and in writing, or by other means: phone, in person meetings, email to the Supervisory Body), available to everyone to send with the maximum guarantee of confidentiality Whistleblowing reports related to:

  • Violations, alleged or actual, of one or more principles stated in the Carraro Group Code of Ethics;
  • Violations, alleged or actual, of the 231 Models adopted by the Italian Companies of the Group (i.e. breaches of the Special Parts of 231 Model if your counterpart is an Italian Company of Carraro Group which adopted the 231 Model).

The Whistleblowing reporting portal is designed to guarantee the confidentiality of the reporting and personal data protection of the reporting agent and of the subject reported. For this reason the exclusive use of IT platform is recommended.

If you want to send a report, you have to fill in the online form entering the link “Access the Whistleblowing platform”.

Once the report is sent, the system will assign you a personal account (id-report) and you will have to choose your own password.

The credentials (id-report and password) are strictly personal in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the report. Accordingly it is upon the responsibility of those who make the report to preserve them for any subsequent access to the platform to check any feedback and/or request for information with reference to the reports sent.

The management of the whistleblowing reports is responsability of the Supervisory Body of each Italian Company (that has adopted the 231 Model) otherwise to the Supervisory Body of Carraro S.p.A.

Access the Whistleblowing platform