Construction Construction


Gears and transmission systems for construction equipment.

We've been working closely for many years with the world's main producers in the earth-moving and construction machinery sector. We develop gears and transmission systems for backhoe loaders, general loaders, telehandlers, wheeled excavators and compactors.

Each system involves a combination of axles and a hydrostatic or hydrokinetic transmission with torque converter, with semi-automatic or fully automatic operation via the electronic control unit that manages the entire system. Every system component or module is designed to guarantee first-class vehicle efficiency and productivity.

Thanks to our Maniago plant, SIAP Spa, we have the most advanced skills and technologies for processing different types of steel cut gears for applications operating on construction sites. In particular: cylindrical gears with helical and straight-tooth teeth, ring gears for planetary drives, spiral bevel gears for differential gear units, pinions for planetary drives.

Backhoe loaders

The most complete range of transmission systems on the market, for machines of every size and architecture: from the lightest with 2 driving wheels and 2-wheel steering, to the larger high-performance ones with 4 driving wheels and 4-wheel steering.


A complete range of optimised transmission systems for telehandlers, for every size of machine - both with hydrostatic traction and hydrokinetic with torque converter.

Wheel Loaders

Transmission systems for loaders from 2 to 12 tonnes (operating mass).

Wheel excavators

Transmission systems for excavators up to 24 tonnes (operating mass).

Compaction rollers

A complete range of axles that are optimised for use in compactors of up to 20 tonnes (operating mass).

Technical Data


Precision is crucial for every movement. For over 30 years we've been a leading partner in the production of gears for agricultural machines, construction vehicles, goods handling vehicles and cars. We make mechanical components for wind power, industrial and railway applications as well.


Transmission systems

We design and develop transmission systems for agricultural machines and construction equipment, combining mechanics, hydraulics and electronics to guarantee optimum vehicle efficiency.