The Carraro method

The Carraro method

We're growing every day, sharing our knowledge with the market leaders.

From consultancy to turnkey projects

Right from the start, our goal has always been that of improving the life of those who work in agriculture day by day. We've been following this logic on every single project since 1932.We put people at the heart of things, so they can work in the best possible conditions with efficient, productive, comfortable vehicles. 

Our skills are recognised the world over, and we've always worked alongside the leading manufacturers of agricultural and construction machines; collaboration that represents the total validity of our commitment. Dedication carried forward for around 90 years, rewarding us with a role as a global point of reference. 

Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships, which is why we work alongside our customers sharing strategies and wide-ranging solutions. We know the heart of off-highway vehicles. We possess well-rooted skills with regards every aspect of our products, and we oversee every single phase, from the initial concept to design, from production to after sales service.

Our "local for local" approach lets us adapt to the different markets and meet even the most specific requests. All our products start out in the Carraro R&D centres throughout the world, with more than 220 technicians working in Italy, India, China and South America.

Every product is designed to satisfy a market requirement, but sometimes it's the product that creates the market itself. Nowadays, it's fundamental to come up with solutions that are one step ahead of tomorrow's needs. That's only possible if you listen to the real users, and this is precisely Carraro's approach.

In this way, we've developed highly innovative products that have resolved real needs. Over the years, this has gradually increased the range of Carraro traction systems that now includes gears, axles and transmissions for both off-highway and on-highway use. 

Innovation means opening the mind to the future and not just taking a step forward compared with the past.
These are the assumptions that we've based our development path on. We've often been pioneers.

The automatic seed drill was the beginning, leading on to designing the first 4-wheel drive tractor and today's increasingly evolved transmission systems with their wealth of technology.

Our innovative thinking combines design, project architecture and the ever increasing use of electronics. Productivity, reduced emissions and lower consumption are still the main goals to be pursued, whether we're dealing with a simple component or a complete vehicle.