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Electronic platforms: scalable computing power for reliable, optimised control

In an application that must be reliable, accurate and high performing, control of the transmission and drive systems must be integrated with a hardware platform which is optimized according to the functions required by each field of application (agriculture, construction, etc.).

This has resulted in the need to design modular, scalable hardware that can guarantee suitable computing power and physical resources as well as comply with safety standards. This mission is the basis of the Carraro electronic solution.

Our Control Units are designed to optimise the overall performance of the system by synchronising mechanical, hydraulic and electronic modules and are developed to guarantee that functional safety requirements are complied with. Their software is highly versatile and the parameters can be configured and personalised to meet each application's needs. Carraro also defines and designs a human-machine interface which provides the end user with satisfactory, immediate control. 


Developed to guarantee compliance with functional safety (ISO25119, ISO13849), this system has been designed to optimise the general performance of the system through overall control of the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic modules. Equipped with numerous I/O resources and high computing power, the TEQ2 is designed as a Vehicle Control Unit that can control several functional vehicle modules at the same time including the axle, drive, the entire powertrain and electronic lifts. 


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Designed to optimise the overall performance of the system by synchronising the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic modules, SAX & TRAX are a family of scalable controllers which are used to control functional modules such as the axle suspension or complete drivelines. The software can be easily adapted to all applications and can be configured to meet the desired performance requirements. 


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The reliability of Carraro products is guaranteed by special diagnostic systems which can be used to analyse any problems on the vehicle rather than remotely tracking the operating parameters. The telematic unit which is connected via a phone provider monitors the data received from an individual vehicle or a fleet in real time to provide the end user with full statistics and assist with troubleshooting

Carraro DiaGnoSysTM is the result of collaboration with Texa, a leading company in the design and development of diagnostic tools for cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats and agricultural vehicles, and is a solution designed to guarantee a diagnostic service for a wide range of agricultural and construction equipment applications for which Carraro is a solutions provider. 

Carraro DiaGnoSys™

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