Become a supplier

Companies interested in collaborating with the Carraro Group can apply in this dedicated section.

Self-nomination takes place through a process made of several steps allowing to gradually become aware of the policy adopted by the Carraro Group in terms of Ethics and Quality, essential steps to become reliable partners with whom to establish a lasting co-operation path.

1. Download and be aware of the following documentation.

Only after having read and accepted these policies, the potential Partner will be asked to provide a series of personal and financial information related to its sustainability and safety system that will allow the Carraro Group to deepen its knowledge.

2. Download and fill in the listed documents:

3. Send the completed documentation to the email address corresponding to the product category of interest.

If the documents sent comply with the standards requested by the Carraro Group, the potential supplier will be contacted by the relevant Carraro Commodity Manager who will start the qualification procedure.

Categories of interest


All cast iron components & their machined parts


All steel components & their machined parts


All components specific for tractor assembly


All components specific for agriculture and construction equipment (seals, steering cylinders, brake actuators, screw, heavy and light carpentry, etc)


All kind of services for manufacturing company (IT, cleanings, energy, oils, toolings for machining, transportations, packaging, etc.)