My body is a cage

A show to go further

It's not easy to explain in a few words what happened last Friday, May 20, at the “Falcone e Borsellino” theater in Limena (Padova, Italy). It was necessary being there to understand it. And not just physically.

Side by side we saw business, theater and inclusion.

The Carraro Group, which within its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) paths wished to support and organize a special event focused on the theme of diversity, strongly wanted this evening. With the aim of becoming aware, understanding and looking beyond, towards the truest integration.

On stage we witnessed a show conceived by the Paduan theater company Carichi Sospesi (with the experience of Marco Caldiron, director, and Anna Pretolani, psychologist and trainer) thanks to the participation of a group of non-professional actors with disabilities (through the collaboration with the association Vite Vere Down DADI).

A real theater performance, sometimes not easy, which achieved the goal of giving dignity and beauty to everything that moves away from what is presented as perfection. The right proportions, the elegance, the soft flow of the movements are just a way of communicating: but the actors have told much more ... that is the thousand ways in which we are, the different declinations of being and the joy we feel when we are not judged.

As ideal conclusion of the evening, in the presence of Tomaso Carraro - Chief CSR Officer of Carraro Group - there was also an interesting moment of discussion with the audience, who asked questions and expressed emotions and impressions, also dealing with the actors directly.

And precisely at the end, Marco Caldiron and Tomaso Carraro announced the start of a collaboration path that next Autumn will see the actors of Down Dadi and some Carraro collaborators working together on the same stage. A rare opportunity to understand even better the beauty of being all, always, performers of the same scene. 

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