Acting sustainably

We develop effective, reliable and innovative products and services to transform energy into work. We optimise efficiency to increase performance through digitised solutions, and minimise waste of resources and impact on the environment. The sustainability-oriented management of relations with our customers and suppliers allows us to organise our business responsibly, thanks to our employees who uphold Carraro Values and create the company's know-how. Each transformative step forward is significant in environmental, social and governance terms, and supports value-oriented growth and the sustainability of the whole system. 

After analysing the Carraro Group’s action area and talking to the main stakeholders, a set of material reference aspects were defined. These are substantially in line with 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, thereby outlining the possible actions that can be taken to effect change towards sustainability.

Giovanni Carraro, who founded the company in 1932, was the man who introduced the first seed drills into the market and developed the first agricultural tractor with the “Tre Cavallini” brand name in 1958. The company has consolidated its position over the years as a key player in agricultural mechanisation and has contributed greatly to its development. Research, innovation and quality have always been the characteristic traits of the Group's continued success, enabling it to expand its skills over the years to reach to larger markets, developing into an International Group and becoming a trusted partner of some of the leading global manufacturers of tractors, construction machinery and material handling equipment.

See our CSR report for more information.