Markets and innovation

Extensive expertise developed over decades in mechanisation for off-highway applications has enabled the Group to create successful partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery and to establish itself globally thanks to a solid customer portfolio.

We design, manufacture and market transmission solutions for off-highway vehicles for agriculture, construction and other market areas such as off-road automotive and trucks. Our core business is gears, axles and transmissions. But we have long-standing, solid expertise in the development and manufacture of specialised tractors, which we supply to the world's leading agricultural machinery makers. 

Throughout its history, Carraro has always been a pioneer in its chosen fields, with innovations such as automatic seeders, four-wheel drive tractors and increasingly sophisticated and technologically-advanced drive systems. Today's Carraro product range is specially designed to improve the end-user experience. Productivity, reduced emissions and fuel consumption remain the fundamental goals.

Carraro's R&D work takes place at the headquarters of the parent company Carraro and in the R&D centres of the Group's main manufacturing sites. 

See our CSR report for more information.