Over 1000 people in SIAP for Open Factory

A very special autumn, last Sunday, for the SIAP plant, which welcomed so many visitors during the 2018 edition of Open Factory, the event dedicated to industrial and manufacturing tourism. So many employees who brought their families, so many external guests who wanted to discover this center of excellence for the Carraro Group's gears.

For the third consecutive year, the Group has decided to join this precious initiative and for the third time our plant has been the most visited among all the 50 companies involved in Italy.

Over 1000 people in 5 hours have had the opportunity to visit SIAP and to know its production processes. But above all to meet many volunteers, 120 employees of the company, who wanted to be there to personally witness the affection to their workplace. Maybe even accompanying their family on a tour to "touch" places often told just in words.

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Al via le iscrizioni ad Open Factory 2018!

Quest'anno apre le porte l'azienda SIAP Spa, centro d'eccellenza del Gruppo per la produzione di ingranaggeria