Markets and innovation

Innovation has allowed us to occupy an important market position today.

It is our attention to research and innovation that has allowed us to enter into relationships and partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and construction equipment. Today we have an important market position in terms of the volumes we have achieved and the customer portfolio we have acquired, as well as sales and distribution in the main areas worldwide.

Research and innovation 

Innovation has always been part of our company. We have been pioneers in three revolutions:

  • automatic seeders;
  • four-wheel drive tractors;
  • current transmission systems.

We are convinced that it is precisely the ability to innovate, in all fields, that determines the success of companies. Our current product range is geared primarily to improving the experience of those who use our products. This means improving work safety and increasing speed and productivity. A concrete demonstration of our commitment is provided by some of the current technologies produced by Carraro:

  • Direct Drive transmission solutions on backhoes, able to improve efficiency by 12%;
  • the ECOlogy Mode system, able to reduce kW consumption on construction equipment;
  • Twin ShiftTM double clutch transmissions for tractors that guarantee an increase in productivity and better comfort when using the vehicle.

Research and Development 

The importance given to research and development is reflected in the distribution of the sites dedicated to the activity. We deal with innovation not only at our headquarters, but also in the main geographical areas in which we operate. 

Here are some indicators of the overall size of our research and development activities in Carraro (data as at 31/12/2017):

Financial commitment to R&D

€ 21,9 Mil

70% Italy, 30% abroad

Financial commitment to R&D (incidence on revenues)


Human resources R&D and prototypes area


Patents filed in various countries


R&D centres worldwide


2 in Italy, 3 in foreign sites

Prototype development and test centres



Sustainability Report

Download the full version of our Sustainability Report, updated as of 31 December 2018

2018 Sustainability Report

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