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› 03/12/2018

Carraro: sale of 100% of O&K Antriebstechnik to Bonfiglioli finalised

A new piece in support of Carraro Group's core business

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› 12/09/2018

SIAP: 30 years in the Carraro Group under the banner of growth

On the occasion of the anniversary, new production site inaugurated that will become an integral part of the current plant

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› 07/09/2018

Communication of the overall amount of voting rights

(made pursuant to Art. 85-bis of the Issuers Regulation, adopted by Consob with resolution no. 11971 of 14 May 1999)

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› 26/07/2018

In the first six months turnover amounted to € 328.4 million, up by 5.7% compared to the first half of last year

Strong acceleration in the first six months of R&D programmes, with particular reference to the new specialised tractor ranges

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› 14/05/2018

The Shareholders’ Meeting approves the 2017 Financial Statements. Dividend equal to € 0.17 per share.

New members join the BoD and Board of Statutory Auditors. First quarter 2018: Consolidated turnover amounted to €157.6 million (+8.3%)

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› 09/02/2018

Agreement between the Carraro Group and Banco BPM SpA for a loan with maximum amount of 100 million Euros.

Following the bond issue of 180 million Euros, just signed, a new operation aimed at reorganising the financial structure of the Carraro Group.

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› 31/01/2018

Early Closure and Results of the Offering

Carraro International S.E. Euro-denominated Fixed Rate Senior Unsecured Notes due 31 January 2025 guaranteed by Carraro S.p.A. ISIN: XS1747134564 (the “Notes”)

› 29/01/2018

Interest Rate and Yield Notice

Carraro International S.E. Euro-denominated Fixed Rate Senior Unsecured Notes due 31 January 2025 guaranteed by Carraro S.p.A. (the “Notes”)

› 18/01/2018


› 04/12/2017

› 29/11/2017

Friulia supports the growth of SIAP, the Carraro Group gears centre of excellence

The Regional Finance Institution of Friuli Venezia Giulia is supporting the Maniago-based company with a capital increase of up to 8 mln € aimed at increasing the technological level of the plant and consolidating its leadership

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› 21/11/2017

Tractor of the Year 2018: Carraro protagonist among global players!

The best tractors of the year were awarded at Agritechnica 2017

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› 13/11/2017

Agritechnica 2017: with the motto “We know how to do it” Carraro confirms the uniqueness of its product range from the single components to the complete agricultural tractor.

Carraro Group stands out once again in Hannover, at the world leading exhibition of the agricultural mechanization sector.

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› 22/06/2017

New Joint-venture between Carraro Group and Shandong Juming Group: Agriming Agriculture Equipment Co. Ltd

Important step forward in the local for local strategy of Carraro Group, which consolidates its presence in Asia, expanding growth opportunities in transmission systems for the agricultural market in China.

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› 13/06/2017

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› 15/02/2017

Draft Financial Statements for 2016 Approved by the Board of Directors

Group restructuring completed. The Group is fully focused on transmission systems for off-highway vehicles and tractors.

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› 21/11/2016

The Board of Directors has convened the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Carraro SpA for 21 December 2016

Extension to 30 June 2017 of the deadline for completion of the capital increase and consequent amendment of Article 5 of the Articles of Association is on the Agenda

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› 03/11/2016

Carraro leaves the world of photovoltaics: control of Elettronica Santerno has been passed over to Enertronica

The restructuring of the Group is finally complete, and Carraro now turns its focus to its core business of advanced transmission systems and tractors

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› 28/10/2016

The BoD approves the results for the third quarter of 2016

The Group is back in profit in the third quarter of the year to the tune of 2.1 million Euros, as a result of the benefits brought by the reorganisation of the company in recent years.

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› 28/07/2016

The BoD approves the Group's results as at 30.06.2016

Weak markets and a consolidated turnover which is down by 4.4%, on the basis of a like-for-like scope of consolidation and exchange rates.

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› 27/06/2016

The Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders approves the increase in share capital. The Articles of Association have been amended with the introduction of category B shares.

This is a major step forward in strengthening the Group's equity that will allow us to further strengthen strategic position in the main target markets.

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› 27/06/2016

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› 27/05/2016

The Board of Directors convenes the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Carraro SpA for 27 June 2016

Capital increase on the agenda. The controlling shareholders confirm their commitment.

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› 29/04/2016

Board of Directors approves first quarter 2016 results

Weak markets, reduced volumes, improvement in industrial margins

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› 19/02/2016

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› 29/12/2015

Agreement signed with banks.

Presentation of new strategic plan envisaged for mid-February

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› 23/11/2015

Carraro and Bonfiglioli together to develop the German company O&K Antriebstechnik

O&K Antriebstechnik passes under the control of Bonfiglioli. The Carraro Group maintains a 45% share assuming a strategic role within the partnership.

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› 26/10/2015

The shareholder structure is enlarged with the entry of a new partner

Under evaluation a capital increase in 2016

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› 05/08/2015

The Board of Directors approves the results of the first half of 2015

Turnover stable compared to 2014 and in line with expectations. Significant growth for Carraro Agritalia (+50%)

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› 14/05/2015

To be competitive it is necessary to concentrate investments on a single plant in Friuli

Gorizia plant employees were proposed the possibility to relocate either at Maniago or at Campodarsego plants.

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› 08/05/2015

The Friuli Region (Italy) remains a key area. Further developments planned for the Maniago site.

The plan was confirmed during a meeting today at Friuli Region headquarters.

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› 07/05/2015

Agritalia as international excellence center for specialized tractors

During "Carraro Spring Meeting" 2015, in Rovigo

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› 29/04/2015

Board of Directors approves first quarter 2015 results

Turnover and profitability on the up

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› 23/03/2015

The General Assembly of Shareholders has approved the 2014 Financial Statements

2015 started with a positive order book: turnover expected to surpass Eur 310 million by May (+9% compared to 2014)

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› 10/02/2015

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› 27/03/2014

Carraro sells its non-core assets of miniGears

An important step towards a greater focus on the core business

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› 12/03/2014

Draft financial statements for 2013 approved

Turnover at 872 million Euros, the agriculture sector picks up

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› 24/02/2014

2013 preliminary estimates

Important improvement in terms of industrial margin which has been possible thanks to the investments made over the last two years for 70 million

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› 29/10/2013

The Board of Directors approves the results of the third quarter of 2013

Turnover increases (+4.1%) and profitability improves significantly (profit of 177 thousand euros)

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› 11/10/2013

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› 03/10/2013

New R&D centre and new transmissions line for Carraro in India

The Group consolidates its presence in the subcontinent where Carraro now has over 1100 employees.

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› 01/08/2013

The BoD has approved the results of the first half of 2013

Back in profit in the amount of 152 thousand Euros, compared to the loss of 5.5 million Euros in the same period of 2012

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› 21/05/2013

Carraro: banks support the Group's development

Important agreement signed with major banks to review medium-to-long-term and confirm short-term loans.

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› 03/05/2013

Board of Directors approves first quarter 2013 results

Increase in margins compared to first quarter 2012 thanks to entry into new markets, introduction of new products and improvement of industrial processes

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› 17/04/2013

Carraro Drive Tech is a partner of the world's largest tracked crane

Installing drives on a 4500 tonne XCMG machine

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› 14/03/2013

Draft financial statements for 2012 approved

The improved results in the mechanical Business Units is offset by the negative figures of Elettronica Santerno

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› 22/02/2013

Five-year agreement between Carraro and Agco in China

The contract, worth a total of € 25 million, for the supply of transmission systems for the new range of Massey Ferguson tractors made in the Changzhou plant

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› 09/01/2013

Public disclosure requirements

In accordance with Consob resolution no. 11971 of 14.5.1999, as amended

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› 28/12/2012

Carraro Drive Tech SpA and Gear World SpA merger plan

The main objective is achieving further focus on core business

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› 20/12/2012

Carraro-CNH: contract worth 360 million Euros in four years signed

Renewed until 2016 the agreement in place for the supply of axles and transmissions, with the addition of new application areas

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› 11/12/2012

Elettronica Santerno: continues its expansion into international markets

A supply agreement worth 13 million Euros for the "Kathu Solar Facility", the most important photovoltaic field in South Africa

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› 26/11/2012

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› 29/10/2012

The BoD has approved the 2012 3Q results

Consolidated demand from core sectors in contrast with the major crisis continuing on the Italian renewable energies market

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› 01/08/2012

The BoD has approved the results of the first half of 2012

Two different trends characterised the performance of the Carraro Group in the first six months of the year

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› 03/05/2012

The Board of Directors approves the results of the first quarter of 2012

The excellent performances of the core business (transmission systems) do not compensate the particularly negative effects caused by the significant drop of the Italian photovoltaic market

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› 20/04/2012

The Shareholders’ Meeting approves the 2011 Financial Statements

New members join the Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors: Enrico Carraro is the new Chairman, Tomaso Carraro has been appointed Deputy Chairman and Alexander Bossard is the Chief Executive Officer of the Group

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› 27/03/2012

Shareholders’ Meeting 20 April 2012

The deadline for the filing of lists of candidates for the appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors (Sindaci) has been extended

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› 15/03/2012

Draft Financial Statements for 2011 Approved

Significant improvement in profitability confirmed compared to the previous year

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› 22/02/2012

Preliminary estimates for 2011 results

- Consolidated turnover of more than € 924 mln (+29% compared with 2010)

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› 15/02/2012

A letter of intent has been signed with one of the biggest Indian agricultural equipment producer

The framework of the agreement includes the redesign of the new range of agricultural applications destined for the most important international market in terms of volume


› 28/10/2011

The Board of Directors approves the results for the third quarter 2011

Increase of the turnover during the first nine months compared to the previous fiscal year, mainly thanks to the growth of the traditional reference markets, agriculture and construction equipment.

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› 29/07/2011

Board of Directors approves 1H2011 results

A considerable increase in turnover and margins in comparison to the previous year

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› 05/05/2011

Board of Directors approves 1Q2011 results

Turnover and profitability show strong growth. The Group is once again profitable.

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› 05/05/2011

General Meeting of the Shareholders approves 2010 financial

Consolidated turnover of € 717.7 million, +47% compared with 2009 (it was € 487.4 million)

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› 29/03/2011

Draft financial statements for the year 2010 approved

Consolidated turnover of € 717.7 million, +47% compared with 2009 (it was € 487.4 million)

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› 25/02/2011

Preliminary year-end estimates 2010

Consolidated turnover of over €717 million (+47% from 2009)

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› 12/11/2010

The Board of Directors approves the results for the third quarter 2010

Great improvement in turnover and profitability compared with the previous year

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› 06/08/2010

2010 interim results approved by the Board of Directors

Turnover has increased notably and profitability has improved compared with last year thanks to the recovery in volumes in every business area

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› 28/07/2010

SIAP sells the STM forging company

Strategy of focusing on core business of gears confirmed

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› 30/06/2010

Friulia acquires stake in SIAP

New outlooks for the Maniago (Pordenone) gear hub

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› 11/05/2010

Board of Directors approves results for first quarter 2010

Thanks to a moderate recovery of the reference markets and a sharp acceleration in the renewable energies segment, there was a turnaround in March with turnover up 8.5% compared with 2009.

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› 30/04/2010

General Meeting of the Shareholders approves 2009 financial statements

Sales at 487.4 million euro, in contraction compared with 973.4 million euro as at 31 December 2008

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› 27/04/2010

"Carraro 2.0" is born

Today, the new 2010-2012 strategic plan will be presented to the financial community

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› 14/04/2010

Signed a financing framework agreement with the main banks

The presentation of the Group's three-year plan is expected for 27 April

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› 22/03/2010

Draft financial statements for the year 2009 approved

A year strongly influenced by the heavy contraction of all main reference markets closes, with evident impacts in terms of both sales and profitability.

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› 23/12/2009

The shareholder’s general meeting approved the cut to number of members of the Board of Directors

A capital increase for Carraro SpA was agreed through the business transfer of the Agritalia company

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› 12/11/2009

The Board of directors approves the performance data for the 3rd Quarter 2009

The negative trend recorded in the first part of the year continues, as expected, during the third quarter due to the heavy downturn of the main reference markets

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› 28/08/2009

Board of Directors approves results for the first half of 2009

The second quarter of the year confirms the exceptional contraction of demand in the Group’s main reference markets, in every geographical area, with serious repercussions on earnings and margins

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› 04/08/2009

Alexander Bossard is the Group’s new CEO

Already head of Corporate Planning strategic management

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› 29/07/2009

Carlo Borsari, Group CEO, tenders his resignation to pursue a new professional opportunity

The Board of Directors is to meet next week to nominate a new CEO

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› 14/05/2009

Board of Directors approves results for first quarter 2009

Turnover and margins strongly affected by a further slowdown in demand in the Group's main reference markets, continuing the already severe trend evident in late 2008

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› 07/05/2009

Renewal of company positions, delegation of powers, appointments of internal Committees

Mario Carraro, Enrico Carraro and Carlo Borsari confirmed as Group's new Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director

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› 23/04/2009

General Meeting approves 2008 financial statements

Members appointed to the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors

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› 20/03/2009

Draft financial statements for the year 2008 approved

Turnover of 973 million euro, up 19.6% compared with 2007

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