Clarification regarding articles recently appeared on the difficulty to find 70 new workers in the North-East of Italy

This news isn’t about Carraro SpA, it concerns Antonio Carraro SpA

With regard to the articles appeared in these last few days on the difficulty to find 70 new workers in the North-East of Italy, this is to clarify that such news – as, by the way, some have already correctly highlighted – doesn’t concern Carraro SpA, publicly traded company, specialised in transmission systems and specialty tractors, but the company Antonio Carraro SpA, located itself in Campodarsego, but not belonging and not related to Carraro Group.

Further information: 60 new professional figures already joined the various sites of Carraro Group in the last six months. In this process, the Academy programme was particularly important as, by means of it, the company will accompany about twenty young graduates along a highly specialised training path, at the end of which the opportunity is envisaged for them to join our Group.

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