We're back

We have resumed full operations in every region of the world.

Today, we are delighted to be able to post - also here - the message that our Chairman, Enrico Carraro, shared with the company’s staff yesterday as we recommence our operations across the world.

Dear All,

Just over a month since my last letter, when I announced the need to stop our production lines due to the contingency related to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, I am now glad to let you know that we have resumed full operations in every region of the world.

Indeed, only a few hours ago we received the news that Carraro India, too, was given the official go-ahead to resume activities and that already today it has opened its doors, ready for a step-by-step resumption in production.

This is the final stage in a journey that has seen us progressively return to a “new normality” in each Group's plant. In the middle of February in China, then in Argentina and Brazil, while in the meantime Driveservice continued to operate for Carraro Spare Parts. Three weeks ago, it was SIAP's turn, last week Campodarsego and this Monday Rovigo, too.

We are back.

It has been a demanding journey. A shared journey, which has metaphorically seen us side by side, united by the same goal: to remain focussed on business – applying a long-term vision – but paying special attention to the safeguard of Carraro people.

Therefore, while our plants were at a standstill, we invested resources and time to sanitise and secure each plant in our production platform. This was done in order to be ready to start efficiently while giving the utmost priority to the health and safety of our employees.

Simultaneously, many office functions not strictly connected to the production side continued their activities in smart working or with a limited presence in our offices – maintaining close contact with customers, suppliers and all our main stakeholders.

At the same time, our global R&D Network continued to operate, with its Campodarsego headquarters coordinating the Italian, Indian, Chinese and South American engineering activities, looking to the future and moving forward on the path of innovation.

This was a period of shared hardship, and many Carraro people have shown an even greater commitment than before. It is a behaviour that shows – with deeds – a great sense of accountability; it was necessary to grit our teeth to guarantee a strong future for our Group.

Now we look forward, with even more determination than before. With increased focus on our goals.

We will live our days within a new context, made resilient by what we learned during these months and aware of having solid basics.

In a world where distance seems to be a requisite, we will have to find a new way to stay close to all our business partners. Today more than ever we need to work in an integrated way with clients and suppliers, following a “smart” supply chain system that will truly enable us to make a difference in the long term.

Enrico Carraro

Last update: 06 May 2020