TraTour: a lifelong dream

Carraro supports the Giro d'Italia by tractor

This year we have chosen to contribute to the realisation of a lifelong dream by supporting the TraTour project, or rather the Giro d'Italia by tractor, which will be completed between 15 July and 15 September by Marco Beretta, a farmer who, just months from retirement, has decided to take the time that he has never had to make a dream come true and do something out of the ordinary.

And our friend has decided to do it on board a 1980s four-wheel Carraro 802, with which he has already travelled far and wide.

The route (the details of which are being finalised right now) will begin at Marco's farm in Pessano with Bornago (MI), after which it will cross the entire Po Valley, passing by our offices in Rovigo and then continuing south along the Adriatic. At its own pace the Carraro tractor will arrive all the way in Apulia and Calabria before returning home, touching a total of 15 regions.

The entire adventure, supported also by CIA - the Italian Confederation of Farmers / Central Lombardy Province, will be narrated step by step through images and videos, and will be able to be followed not only on the website but also on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

We too will promote a parallel social network campaign in support of the initiative.

Last update: 21 April 2019