SIAP: 30 years in the Carraro Group under the banner of growth

On the occasion of the anniversary, new production site inaugurated that will become an integral part of the current plant

Thirty years after joining the Carraro Group, for SIAP, a global centre of excellence for high quality gears, it is time to celebrate a special occasion.

This important anniversary was celebrated today in Maniago, in the presence of the Carraro family, controlling shareholder of Carraro SpA, represented by Mario Carraro, the company's founder, with Enrico Carraro, Chairman, and Tomaso Carraro, Deputy Chairman. Alongside them numerous authorities were present, including the Regional Councillor for production activities and tourism - Sergio Emidio Bini, the Mayor of Maniago - Andrea Carli, and the President of Unindustria Pordenone - Michelangelo Agrusti. Among the 120 guests of the event were also many customers and suppliers, as well as representatives of the banking sector and of the Regional financial company Friulia SpA.

During his speech, the Chairman Enrico Carraro several times stressed the strategic importance of the Maniago production centre, since the acquisition took place in 1988. Thanks to its distinctive expertise, SIAP has always been a point of reference both for the Group (becoming the key supplier in components and gears) and for numerous global customers in the automotive, off-highway (agricultural and construction machinery) and material handling (forklifts) sectors. And it is thanks to these international customers that SIAP has, over the years, taken important steps forward in terms of quality, technology and excellence in production processes, positioning itself at the highest levels of its target markets.

“It is a great pleasure for us to be able to celebrate this important anniversary together with all of you. It is rare to see authorities, management, customers, suppliers and financial partners side by side. That is, all the strategic players of our business, at different levels,” said Enrico Carraro, Group Chairman, opening his speech. “The SIAP we see today, with a turnover of over 65 million euros and almost 400 employees, is the result of an important and constant growth path that we have recorded in both the income statement and in the dimensions of the production areas. Consider, for example, that in the last three years, a part of the production of our Gorizia factory was transferred here (that concerning the powertrain for forklifts) and that at the same time we integrated no fewer than 46 assets from our Poggiofiorito (Chieti) site, now transformed into a logistics hub for the Group's spare parts. All this while SIAP evolved significantly in process technologies, continuously raising its quality levels.”

Last update: 21 April 2019