The new 4x4 INEOS Grenadier previewed in Italy, at Carraro's headquarters, Campodarsego, with an exclusive off-road test drive

A new milestone in the Carraro Group's partnership with INEOS Automotive, which it has been supplying with front and rear axles since the start of the Grenadier project

Campodarsego, 8 October 2021 – After a long wait, the great day has arrived. Grenadier, INEO's essential, rugged 4X4, was exclusively presented today to a select group of guests at Carraro's headquarters.

The event, lasting three days, will enable those attending to see the new vehicle up close, appreciating its design and interior, and take a seat next to professional test drivers, for an off-road track experience especially planned for the occasion.

It's no coincidence that INEOS chose Campodarsego as the location. The Carraro Group has been its technological partner since 2019, developing and producing the front and rear axles of the Grenadier. An agreement which is worth more than 420 million euros for Carraro, over a time frame of more than 10 years.

Behind this decision is the solid expertise Carraro has gained in the off-highway sector for agricultural machines and construction equipment, which typically require a rugged, reliable configuration in all scenarios.

The Grenadier prototypes used during the three days are on a global tour, tackling a unique testing session: more than 1.8 million km over the toughest terrain and in the harshest weather conditions, throughout the world.

Solid and functional, the Grenadier has been engineered to be as practical as possible without forgoing comfort. The interior, with its aeronautical design, combines contemporary functions with strictly work-related needs. The INEOS Grenadier is a high-performance, versatile off-roader, ideal for the toughest conditions, that meets all the safety requirements needed to be a true citizen of the world.

The Grenadier will go on sale in Europe in summer 2022. Bookings from early October 2021.

Last update: 08 October 2021