Inauguration of the new Carraro Research and Development Center

One year after the kickoff of the building, the new Group Research and Development Center was inaugurated yesterday in Campodarsego.

In the new Center can be hosted, which has a total area of over 6200 square meters (doubled compared to the previous space), work over over 100 employees, including engineers and technicians. At this location, Carraro drivelines design and development activities are concentrated, from design to functional & reliability validation alongside those of prototyping and mountability verification.

The advantages of the new Carraro R&D Center are noteworthy, including:

  • 80% increase in potential testing capacity (with latest generation power tests)
  • greater synergy in fittings (thanks to the high flexibility of configurations and to the standardization of test equipment)
  • greater efficiency with reduced test times (thanks to fully electronic control rooms)
  • optimization of test repeatability
  • higher safety standards

Besides, the new R&D Center allows a full integration between engineering, prototyping and project management, while also guaranteeing in real time information exchange during all product development phases. Last but not least, thanks to the new spaces dedicated to Carraro innovation, it will be possible to further enhance existing partnerships with different customers by working side-by-side on demo vehicles at the Campodarsego site with the possibility of dedicating their development benches to electrical and electronic systems and mechatronics.

Last update: 26 June 2019