The Carraro Group is rewarded in "best strategies to use the capital market" category

13 February 2019

Tomaso Carraro and Enrico Gomiero, respectively Vice Chairman and CFO of Carraro Group, received the 'Prize for the best strategy for the use of the capital market' in the Great Hall of Bocconi University of Milan, during the event "The Italian corporate bond market: what is happening to the capital structure of Italian non-financial companies?", organized by Equita SIM SpA.

More specifically, the Carraro Group ranked second in the "fund raising on the 2018 debt market" category, with particular reference to the success of the bond loan approved in January 2018.

"This recognition, which joins the one received in the same context last year in relation to our capital increase in 2017, once again rewards the validity of the path taken by the Group in the last two years, - said Tomaso Carraro, Vice Chairman of the Group - Today we have solid foundations that, even in an ever challenging market context, allow us to further strengthen our competitive position and to continue with investments both in the development of new products and in the continuous update of Carraro global production platform".

"The satisfaction for this new award - added Enrico Gomiero, CFO of the Group - joins the awareness of having successfully completed an operation that has allowed us to reorganize our financial structure and to look with renewed energy to future growth programs. ".

Last update: 21 April 2019