Continuity and production efficiency for Carraro India facilities thanks to Express Feeder

18 February 2022

Excellent news for our Carraro India plants, which since early 2022 have benefited from a dedicated energy supply to support their growth phase.

This is a very important step within today's global context in which energy efficiency and continuity of supply represent factors of strategic importance for every industrial plant. And especially in countries, such as India, where, for infrastructural reasons, inefficiencies and prolonged supply interruptions are often frequent.

More in detail, thanks to the efforts of the Carraro India Team led by Sanjay Kumar, Carraro India Manufacturing Director, we obtained the connection to a medium voltage supply of 22kVA entirely dedicated to our plants, called Express Feeder.

This investment will allow Carraro India to have a greater energy capacity, to the benefit of production continuity and efficiency, reducing the waste of materials and resources, and last but not least the carbon dioxide emissions, these thanks to a significant reduction of electricity produced by local diesel generators.

An excellent step for the strengthening and modernization of our industrial footprint in a logic of sustainability.

Last update: 18 February 2022