Clarifications in relation to the temporary inefficiency of the IT infrastructure

24 September 2020

Campodarsego (Padova), 24 september 2020 – In the past few hours, the Carraro Group suffered a cyber attack that affected part of the IT infrastructure. The timely activation of the company's IT defense systems made it possible to minimize impacts.

As a precaution, some office activities - which required connection to internal servers - were temporarily interrupted, while for others alternative connection procedures were activated. The production departments continued their programming activities by adapting to the analog backup procedures conceived for this kind of situations.

For Italian collaborators who at this time may not guarantee their work continuity, the company has taken precautionary measures to activate the redundancy fund. In addition, an insurance coverage dedicated to this type of event was activated.

The Carraro IT Department has taken immediate actions, also with the collaboration of experts in this field and with the police, in order to verify any possible damage to the infrastructure and to individuate all measures to recover the network of servers affected by the attack. Activities are expected to start to return to normal as from tomorrow and progressively to full capacity in the subsequent days. 

Last update: 24 September 2020