Clarifications with regard to the fire at Campodarsego plant

03 March 2021

Campodarsego (Padua), March 3, 2021 – In the night between March 2 and 3, a fire of limited proportions occurred at our factory in Campodarsego, involving a storage area next to the painting depots.

The company's safety systems were immediately activated and allowed the prompt intervention of both the internal teams and the fire brigade of the Padua command who promptly arrived on site and limited the flames, safeguarding other more sensitive areas.

Thanks to this prompt response, no people injury was recorded and the consequences for the plant were limited.

While the environmental and structural verification activities as well as the restoration of the affected area are in progress, as a precaution the production of the assembly department of the headquarters was suspended today in order to be ready to start again - at full capacity – already as for tomorrow.

Last update: 03 March 2021