Caterpillar Inc. rewards Carraro India as "World class" supplier.

From Bronze to SQEP Gold Certification (Supplier Quality Excellence Process). A further step towards excellence

With great pride we are pleased to announce that our Indian plant, Carraro India, after having already received the SQEP Bronze Certification from Caterpillar in the past, has further improved its Quality levels by obtaining the SQEP Gold Certification for the year 2021.  

By achieving this prestigious certification, Caterpillar recognizes suppliers who have distinguished themselves over the year for achieving the highest levels of quality and control of their processes using procedures that support a "Zero-Defect" mentality. Carraro India therefore, in addition to being now counted among the “world class” best Caterpillar suppliers, has proven to be a reality capable of operating according to the highest standards of quality excellence also thanks to the involvement of all the different operating levels, which in this way have developed a mindset and culture of attention and control towards compliance with established standards. 

Last but not least, it is important to remember how in this process the Pune plant, which employs over 1500 collaborators, was rewarded both for the excellent performance achieved and for the prompt and quick delivery of axles (for backhoe loaders and compactors) in a historical moment in which the supply chain was severely tested. 

A path of continuous improvement of the processes that leads to making the entire system more sustainable and efficient; all this made possible, of course, by great teamwork and partnership, essential values that guide the activities of our collaborators every day at all latitudes.

Last update: 06 December 2021