Carraro Tractors Agricube Pro: the new Stage V dedicated to specialty crop professionals is here

New "downsized" engine up to 102 HP, compact and functional layout, new styling with metallic gray livery.

Rovigo, October 11, 2022 – The new Agricube Pro range, with Stage V motorization, was officially presented this morning in the setting of Corte Bariani, right outside Rovigo.  

In the presence of Tomaso Carraro, Vice Chairman of Carraro Group, Andrea Conchetto, CEO of Carraro Group, and Marco Stella, General Manager of Carraro Agritalia, the Carraro Tractors sales network had the opportunity to see first-hand - after the preview at Enovitis in Campo 2022 - the new "Three Horses" branded models.

A new range with high potential 

Powerful but compact models designed to reduce the height of the hood to better suit the needs of those working under the canopy. An important new feature of the range is the exhaust gas treatment system, which is placed under the hood and no longer on the front right side as in the Agricube IIIB series.

Agricube Pro, with 6 models and 48 basic set-ups, stands out, in the continuity of Carraro tradition, for its configurability and versatility. A wide range of specialized tractors, counting on consolidated reliability and quality, developed with an eye always on size and performance. A decisive balance for those working in often challenging areas and with advanced equipment, requiring power, hydraulic capacity, maneuverability, and comfort. These are the guidelines for the evolution of Carraro tractors, which led to the creation of Agricube Pro.

F28: a new high-performance, "downsized" engine 

With the transition to Stage V, Carraro Tractors chooses a four-cylinder FPT Industrial solution, with a displacement of 2.8 liters, capable of delivering up to 102 hp at 2300 rpm and 415 Nm at 1500 rpm, providing the same level of performance as a 3.4-liter but with the size of a 2-liter.

FPT Industrial's F28 was chosen for its compactness, high power density and fuel efficiency, features that make this engine suitable for equipping vineyard and orchard tractors.

The entire exhaust after-treatment system (DOC, SCR, DPF) is contained in a single module located under the hood, so as to further reduce the footprint and allow the operator to have a perfect visibility.

Style remains, color is embellished 

In terms of style, this new range was conceived in continuity with the "mood" already successfully applied on the Compacts. In the frame of ergonomics designed to maintain adequate productivity between the rows, the Agricube Pro comes with tapered shapes, a hood with several air intakes, and lines that elegantly accompany the play of lights and LEDs on the nose.

The color changes: in fact, the traditional pastel gray evolves into a more eye-catching metallic dark grey. The tricolor reference remains, to wink - always - at the pride of having an excellent 100% Made in Italy product.

Last update: 11 October 2022