Carraro: let’s draw the future together.

This is the title, very concise, of the advertising campaign created to support the issue of our new bond.

For it, we chose a strongly red coloured image, which, by the means of a small detail of our technology, could make its mark.

In the text of this page, that’s how we told about our history: since over half a century, we have been fitting vehicles for agriculture, construction and earth movement of the main world manufacturers with our transmission systems, and we have been supplying engineering and contract manufacturing services for specialised tractors. A long path, continuously searching for innovative solutions, that today projects us in a leading position in the development of mechanical systems integrated with electric, electronic and digital solutions, ready for the mobility challenge of the future.

Well aware of the road we left behind, but, above all, looking ahead, at the future.

Last update: 21 April 2019