Carraro Academy

A six-month training program for recently graduate students

Last October in Agritalia we started a six-month training program for recently graduate students from technical high schools with the aim of developing a series of highly specialized professional figures (e.g. mechanical designers, electrical designers and softwarists) to be included in the design and the production processes of our specialized tractors.

During this project, entitled Carraro Academy, the participants had the occasion to move from theory to practice, from the design to the drive of our tractors.

Among the various activities, the group has also tried to use the additive manufacturing technique, thus producing a scale model of one of our tractors with the 3D printer. A small piece of a longer path that will lead us to a more extensive use of this technique, starting from the prototype applications, in view of the advanced Industry 4.0.

Last update: 21 April 2019