After Drive Tech, even Agritalia obtains AEO-F certification

This certification will allow the optimal management of import/export flows.

As was the case for Carraro Drive Tech in March 2017, in recent days Carraro Agritalia obtained the certification from the European Customs Authority (Authorized Economic Operator). Such declaration attests that the company has excellent reliability standards in the international supply chain.

This important validation allows Agritalia to meet every requirement of economic, financial and customs reliability, as well as in the management system of commercial and transport records. In addition, the AEO-F certification will guarantee greater efficiency in the flow management of export and import activities. Agritalia can now declare its professional skills and qualifications to be completely in line with the European Community regulations.

Thanks to the relation with Customs Authorities, we will have the opportunity to benefit from an excellent transport network in asset management and we will also have the possibility to bring the requirements in terms of reliability and safety

Last update: 21 April 2019