"Carraro 2.0" is born

Today, the new 2010-2012 strategic plan will be presented to the financial community

Financial targets for 2012

  • 2012 turnover of €813 million, CAGR at +18% in respect to €487 million in 2009
  • EBITDA 2012 margin greater than 10%
  • Net 2012 financial position less than €230 million

Initial results, 2010

  • As expected, the month of March showed a turnaround in the trend (+8% in respect to March, 2009) and overall, the first quarter recorded turnover of €127.2 million, a decrease of 9% in respect to the first quarter of 2009 (€139.3 million)
  • As of 31 March, EBITDA returned to positive numbers
  • A positive trend is foreseen for the first half, with turnover of €298 million, a 17% increase with respect to the previous financial year (€255.5 million).

Having surmounted the financial crisis and its heavy consequences in the main reference markets, the Group is becoming even more of a global player, active in all of its distinct business areas, each one having a specific mission, a different risk profile, and targeted strategies.

Strategic objectives

  • Consolidation of its leadership position in the core business (Carraro DriveTech)
  • GearWorld as a technology leader in high added value component parts
  • Strengthening Agritalia's uniqueness
  • Santerno: consolidation of its presence in traditional (industrial) markets and strengthening its market share in photovoltaics and wind power
  • Strengthening Research and Development focusing on new, technologically evolved drive systems and emerging sectors (wind power and photovoltaics)
  • Operations: large production increases expected for China and India (from 17.7% in 2009 to 27.6% in 2012), moving towards a global footprint that is increasingly local for local

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