Board of Directors approves results for first quarter 2010

Thanks to a moderate recovery of the reference markets and a sharp acceleration in the renewable energies segment, there was a turnaround in March with turnover up 8.5% compared with 2009.

EBITDA became positive again in the quarter, following actions aimed at lowering the breakeven point.

  • Consolidated turnover was 127.2 million euro (139.9 mln euro in Q1 2009)
  • Positive EBITDA of 3.3 million euro (142 thousand euro in Q1 2009)
  • Negative EBIT of 4.7 million euro (a sharp recovery from -8.1 mln euro in Q1 2009)
  • Net loss of 7.4 million euro (-5.9 mln euro in Q1 2009)
  • Net financial position showed net debts of 278.6 million euro (241.1 mln euro at 31.12.2009; 221.4 at 31.03.2009)

The commitment to strategic R&D work was confirmed, the expenses of which remained constant in the quarter (2.9% of the turnover)

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