Elettronica Santerno: continues its expansion into international markets

A supply agreement worth 13 million Euros for the "Kathu Solar Facility", the most important photovoltaic field in South Africa

Imola, 11 December 2012 – Elettronica Santerno, the Carraro Group company specialising in power electronics, has concluded with WBHO Building Energy an important agreement for the supply of an integrated system of inverters and components for one of the largest photovoltaic plants (81 megawatts) currently under construction in the entire African continent.

This agreement, worth 13 million Euros, follows only a few days after the recent start up of the supply contract for one of the largest solar fields in the world which is under construction in the United States.

"With this further major contract, Elettronica Santerno today has a 2013 order backlog of 40 million Euros, representing almost the entire turnover of the company in 2012. – commented Enrico Carraro, Group ChairmanThis represents an excellent starting point for next year, which envisages strong growth in turnover compared to the current year. This increase in turnover, combined with restructuring actions already undertaken, will at the same time lead to a significant improvement in terms of margins".

"Today, Santerno products have what it takes to be implemented where there is a market. Both in terms of sales network as well as Research and Innovation, we have a clear vision which we are proving in practice. Also thanks to these references our competitive position is showing a marked improvement at the international level" concluded Enrico Carraro.

The new South African plant will be built near Kathu, one of the main mining towns of the Northern Cape province. A particularly difficult environment in terms of altitude, radiation and temperature, for which Elettronica Santerno will provide inverters which have already demonstrated solid reliability in harsh environments such as in Tibet or Gujarat (India).

South Africa, as well as being the leading economy of the African continent, today represents a country with great development potential in the field of photovoltaics, thanks to a government roadmap which envisages that, in 2020, 42% of installed energy will come from renewable sources.

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