Shareholders’ Meeting 20 April 2012

The deadline for the filing of lists of candidates for the appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors (Sindaci) has been extended

Campodarsego (Padova), 27 March 2012 – Carraro SpA advises that, as of today’s date, the only list of candidates for the Board of Statutory Auditors (Sindaci) to be appointed for the period 2012‐2014 by the Shareholders’ Meeting convened on 20 April 2012 has been presented by the majority shareholder Finaid SpA.

Consequently, pursuant to current law and as already announced in the Notice of Call for the above mentioned Shareholders’ Meeting published on 10 March 2012, the deadline for the presentation of the list of candidates for the appointment of the Statutory Auditors expires on 29 March 2012. The minimum share ownership required for the submission of lists for the election of Statutory Auditors is reduced by half or to 1.25%. The way in which the candidacies must be filed is unchanged with respect to the previously mentioned Notice of Call.

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