Notification of significant stake - 50% threshold exceeded

(carried out pursuant to art. 113 ter, paragraphs 1.2 TUF; at art. 12 Directive 2004/109/EC and Articles 117 and 118 no. 3-bis of the Issuer Regulation)

Campodarsego (Padua), 7 August 2019 - Carraro S.p.A. announces that, pursuant to art. 5 of the Articles of Association and art. 8 of the Carraro S.p.A. Special List Regulation, on 7 August 2019 the shareholder Finaid S.p.A. doubled its voting rights associated with 20,700,673 shares, reaching a total of 56,331,038 voting rights and thus going from 39.241% to 50.495%.

Considering also the shares owned by Mario Carraro, who controls Finaid S.p.A. and that at the date of this notification represent 6,059,794 voting rights, the aggregate figure reaches 62,490,832 voting rights, amounting to 55.918%.

Because of this, Carraro S.p.A. announces that the shareholder Mario Carraro, in concert with the subsidiary Finaid S.p.A., has exceeded the threshold of 50% of the voting rights in the Carraro S.p.A. Shareholders' Meeting.

Last update: 09 August 2019