Draft Financial Statements for 2017 Approved by the Board of Directors.

29 March 2018

Turnover at 606 million Euros. Significant growth in margins: EBITDA at 55 million Euros (9.1% of turnover, up by 40.5%). 

Profit equal to 13.7 million Euros compared to a loss of 9.1 million Euros in 2016. 

Dividend of 0.17 Euros per share. 

Net Financial Position of operations negative at -145.9  million Euros, an important improvement compared to -183.2 million Euros  in 2016. 

“With the closing of the 2017 financial year, we are reaping the  fruits of the long and complex repositioning and restructuring process  that the Group launched following the deep crisis that affected our  markets between 2009 and 2011", says Enrico Carraro, Group Chairman. 

“The return to growth of the main sectors of reference,  agriculture and construction equipment, together with the important  actions aimed at restoring financial equilibrium and capital  strengthening of the Group, as well as determination in R&D  investments, allow us today to look to the future with renewed optimism.  – continues Enrico Carraro – 2018 has also started  positively with generalised market buoyancy, with volumes and margins  improving so as to mitigate the negative effects linked to the increase  in raw materials already visible”.

Last update: 21 April 2019