Additional notice on interest rate, yield and early redemption price at the option of the issuer

10 September 2020

Campodarsego (Padova), 10 September 2020 – Following the press release issued on 3 September 2020 and the publication of the prospectus (the "Prospectus") relating to the issue of senior unsecured notes (the "Notes") to be issued by Carraro International SE ("International") and guaranteed by Carraro S.p.A. ("Carraro"), approved by the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) on 4 September 2020 and passported to Italy on 9 September 2020, it is hereby announced that the interest rate (the “Interest Rate”), the yield (the “Yield”) and the early redemption price at the option of International (the “Early Redemption Price”) of the Notes for the relevant Redemption Period.

Terms used in this press release but not otherwise defined have the meaning given to them in the Prospectus.

The Interest Rate of the Notes will be 3.75 per cent per annum. Based on the Interest Rate and taking into account the issue price equal to 100 per cent of the nominal value, the Yield of the Notes will be equal to 3.75 per cent per annum. The Yield indicated in this paragraph is calculated as the yield upon maturity on the issue date (the "Issue Date") of the Notes and is not an indication of future yield. The Early Redemption Price will be 1.875 per cent for 2023, 0.938 per cent for 2024 and 0.469 per cent for 2025 and thereafter.

The Offering will open on 14 September 2020 at 09:00 (CET) and will expire on 18 September 2020 at 17:30 (CET), subject to amendment, extension or early closure by International and the Placement Agent, Equita S.I.M. S.p.A.. Any amendment, extension or early closure will be communicated by giving due notice according to the Prospectus.

The aggregate principal amount of the Notes, the number of Notes sold, the proceeds of the Offering, the Issue Date and the amount of interest to be paid per Calculation Amount, including in respect of the First Interest Period (being in respect of the period from and including the Issue Date to but excluding 25 March 2021), will be set out in a notice, which will be filed with the CSSF and published on the Carraro Group’s Website, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange Website and released through the SDIR-NIS system of Borsa Italiana no later than the third business day after the closing of the Offering Period.

Further information are available in the Prospectus available on the following website: .

Last update: 10 September 2020