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› 13/02/2019

The Carraro Group is rewarded in "best strategies to use the capital market" category

With reference to the bond loan approved in January 2018


› 18/12/2018

Machinery energised by light.

Thanks to the chiaroscuro effects used by photographer Enrico Moretti

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› 26/11/2018

Over 1000 people in SIAP for Open Factory

The Maniago plant is the most visited among the 50 companies that have opened their doors

› 12/11/2018

Al via le iscrizioni ad Open Factory 2018!

Quest'anno apre le porte l'azienda SIAP Spa, centro d'eccellenza del Gruppo per la produzione di ingranaggeria

› 07/11/2018

Carraro is sponsor of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto

Kickoff of a special relationship to support the culture of our territory.

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› 24/10/2018

All Carraro Italian plants are certified AEO-F

Even SIAP received this certification from the European Customs Authority

› 12/10/2018

Carraro celebrates 50 years of the Campodarsego plant

The over 600 employees of the Via Olmo office all together for a special training event.

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› 08/10/2018

The Carraro "Ibrido" tractor has received two awards from FederUnacoma

It will be the Technical Innovation and Blue EIMA Award for the environment

› 13/07/2018

TraTour: a lifelong dream

Carraro supports the Giro d'Italia by tractor

› 20/06/2018

After Drive Tech, even Agritalia obtains AEO-F certification

This certification will allow the optimal management of import/export flows.

› 21/05/2018

Carraro Global Meeting 2018

We know how to do it!

› 24/04/2018

Carraro Group joining “aCar” project for Africa

Our light axles for an electrical, “multitasking” vehicle

› 05/03/2018

Carraro Academy

A six-month training program for recently graduate students

› 28/02/2018

Tomaso Carraro on a mission trip for Care & Share in India

Interesting meeting with the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

› 14/02/2018

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› 23/01/2018

Carraro: let’s draw the future together.

This is the title, very concise, of the advertising campaign created to support the issue of our new bond.

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› 28/11/2017

A big Open Factory at Carraro Agritalia

Once again this year we were the most visited site

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› 13/11/2017

Open Factory in Carraro Agritalia

Sono aperte le iscrizioni!

› 10/11/2017

The Consul General of Italy Stefania Costanza’s visit to Carraro India

The “Carraro style” at any latitude was appreciated

› 23/10/2017

Agrilevante 2017 comes to a conclusion

Another big success for Carraro Tractors!

› 10/07/2017

The new Carraro Agricube range of tractors is presented at Enovitis

With an all-new design, engines and options

› 29/05/2017

New Carraro Monograph

A brief but highly significant volume that uses words and images to recounts who Carraro is today

› 04/05/2017

Carraro Tractors with “Montemonaco nel Cuore”

A specialised tractor (Agricube FL100) donated for an important post-earthquake relaunch project

› 07/03/2017

Carraro Drive Tech receives AEO-F (Authorised Economic Operator – Full) certificate from Customs Agency

Such certification will guarantee more efficiency in the management of goods export and import

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› 16/02/2017

Carraro Technology Day at Mahindra Research Valley

Great Interest for Carraro Technologies displayed at Mahindra Research Valley


› 21/12/2016

Reinterpreting our origins.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

› 01/12/2016

More than 1600 visitors to Carraro for the Open Factory event

A resounding success which exceeded all expectations

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› 07/11/2016

Open Factory in Carraro

Carraro will open the doors of its Campodarsego Headquarters

› 13/09/2016

Carraro for the music, from 1986

The 2016-2017 concert season of Amici della Musica di Padova will begin on October 13

› 04/04/2016

The Machine Tool Olimpics event comes to Carraro

More than 60 students from technical institutes compete between theory and practice

› 11/03/2016

SIAP has been recognised as a center of excellence for Volvo Construction Equipment

The Maniago plant is a best practice for its efficiency


› 07/11/2015

Efficiency & Reliability: the Carraro keywords at Agritechnica 2015

The Group is among the protagonists of the Program "Systems and Components"

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› 03/11/2015


The new e-commerce platform dedicated to Carraro products

› 28/10/2015

The tractor of the future will be greener and smarter

The marathon organised by the Carraro Group and the start-up AzzurroDigitale was a smashing success.

› 30/07/2015

› 25/06/2015

Luca Barcellona & 2014 Annual Report

An Italian calligrapher known at international level

› 12/06/2015

The value of spare parts increases with "Carraro Total Care"

The technical know-how is just a click away, thanks to QR Code technology

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› 31/12/2014

The publishing of Chindia

15 years of Carraro in Asia

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› 24/10/2014

Oscar Carraro Tractor Museum is born

You can only look to the future starting from your past

› 25/09/2014

The Carraro Group is sponsoring Ex Machina / Powered by Porsche Italia

Project dedicated to young people who want to generate innovative solutions in the enterprise environment.

› 16/09/2014

The carry4you.it website is renewed

Layout and graphic updated, more contents and “social” connections

› 28/07/2014

Jessica Backhaus & Annual Report 2013

A true talent recognised all over the world.

› 04/04/2014

"Padua is its city walls"

Carraro sponsors the city of Padua and its history

› 06/02/2014

The Birth of Carraro Linkedin "career page"

A place to share our approach regarding "human capital"


› 10/11/2013

How to take care of transmissions and axles

Streaming from Agritechnica exhibition

› 12/09/2013

Carraro renews its support to Amici della Musica di Padova

The motto is easy: Mechanics always sound good

› 19/06/2013

Santerno Partners with the Largest Photovoltaic Facility in Southeast Asia

A new technical service center to be soon launched.

› 19/04/2013

Letter from the Chairman

Abstract from the Annual Report at 31.12.12


› 03/12/2012

Carraro Drive Tech launches the new e-learning platform "Carry4you Academy"

Technical know-how online, without any language or time barriers

› 02/07/2012

A new Test Center for O&K Antriebstechnik

1,100 square meters of most advanced equipment for testing planetary drives

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› 13/06/2012

CEVA to partner Carraro Drive Tech for spare parts logistics

The Monselice site (Padua), which manages more than 37,000 codes, has been chosen as the main service centre for Carraro customers and for spare parts warehouses already situated in the main geographic areas

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› 15/05/2012

Elettronica Santerno lands in South Africa

The company from Imola is a key player of the largest photovoltaic plant ever made in the African state.

› 08/05/2012

Carraro India is strengthened with Mazak

New equipment acquired to increase productivity and efficiency of the plant in Pune.

› 04/04/2012

Carraro “tre cavallini” on facebook

The path to relaunching the Carraro tractor brand “tre cavallini” now includes social networking.

› 28/03/2012

Carraro “DiaGnoSys" is born

An innovative diagnostic tool for the off-highway sector

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› 06/03/2012

Today for Tomorrow

Carraro’s new ERP management system gets started

› 11/01/2012

The Carraro Website in the BlackBerry version

Fast navigation, brief menu and global presence on GMap


› 03/11/2011

Our Values

The project “Carraro Culture” gets underway: a reflection on the Group’s fundamental values.

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› 02/08/2011

Italian Solidarity in Qingdao

Carraro China among the promoters of a major humanitarian project

› 25/07/2011

Carraro Agricube finalist at Tractor of the Year 2012

Another recognition of Agritalia design & development know-how

› 24/06/2011

The new Gear World site is online

Innovative, keeping the same layout and a graphic style consistent with the one of the Group

› 07/06/2011

Carraro on You Tube

Opening of Corporate & Agritalia channels

› 24/05/2011

Smau Business Padova rewards Carraro

The Carraro Group wins ICT Innovation NorthEast

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› 07/03/2011

Easy Lub, the smart solution for automated lubrication

An innovation for advanced transmission systems

› 24/02/2011

Carraro web site on iPhone

With a simplified menu and pages expressly created

› 03/02/2011

Towards Mechatronics

Carraro leads Assiot into ANIE


› 16/11/2010

Innovation is safety!

The “AgriCube – 3 Cavallini” wins awards for EIMA technical innovation in 2010

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› 31/10/2010

Elettronica Santerno's first 40 years

From R&D laboratory to leading company

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› 30/09/2010

Carry: the virtual guide to the Carraro after-sales service

To find spare parts, documentation & technical assistance

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› 07/05/2010

Santerno inverters talk to the iPhone

A new “App” Made in Imola presented at Solarexpo in Verona

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› 19/04/2010

New technologies for tomorrow's off-highway applications

Carraro Drive Tech towards highly innovative drivetrain systems

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› 09/02/2010

Agricube is born, the new Carraro tractor

The launch of this new range and the re-design of the "3 cavallini" brand

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