Innovation is safety!

The “AgriCube – 3 Cavallini” wins awards for EIMA technical innovation in 2010

At the EIMA in Bologna, one of the most important European tradeshows for the agricultural sector, Carraro Agritalia introduced its new range of AgriCube tractors, with the “3 cavallini” trademark. These are machines for specialists, highly innovative, demonstrating solid competence in constructing agricultural tractors for the most important customers on the market, such as John Deere, Agco and Class.

Precisely on the occasion of the launch, UNACOMA awarded the company the prize for innovation, noting especially the "safety package" on board the new tractors. Three innovations conceived, designed and constructed to guarantee maximum protection for the user.

Specifically, the Safety Package includes:

Auto ROPS A rollbar that rises automatically if the tractor overturns or risks overturning.

Full Stop Safety switches (mushroom buttons) to stop the engine and PTO in case of emergency (patented).

Comfort Belt Support to make the use of the safety belt easier and more comfortable (patented).

The new range of AgriCube tractors stands out for the highly innovative conception, both in the approach to design and in the technological content, the result of the thorough and solid competence in design and construction acquired by Carraro Agritalia over more than 70 years’ experience side by side with the main OEMs.

And this is precisely why the new range of tractors presents the best of the most advanced technological solutions available to Carraro Agritalia’s business partners. The perfect blend of technology and design.


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