Elettronica Santerno's first 40 years

From R&D laboratory to leading company

Some could say it really doesn't show its 40 years, especially looking at its staff, whose average age is slightly over 30. But it's true and this is why on October 22, not far from Bologna, a party took place to celebrate this special birthday.

Born in early October 1970 from the mind of a tight-knit group of pioneers searching for innovative technological solutions, applied to power electronics, Elettronica Santerno has in time completely changed its nature, becoming step by step a major player in its reference sector, both in Italy and abroad.

Joining the Carraro Group, in 2006, the company took the chance to start a quick and deep international development process, which brought to its expansion in Spain, Germany, Russia, USA, Brazil, China and India, and at the same time to strong investment in R&D and to progressive staff increase.

Today Elettronica Santerno has 230 collaborators and it forecasts a 100 million Euro turnover by the end of 2010. Not bad at all, considering that in 2006 it had about 60 employees and the turnover was of 19 million Euro.

A number of good reasons to celebrate, therefore, marking the strenghtening of a company which is definitely going through an impressive evolution and can expect further success in the near future.

Over 400 people participated to the event of last Friday, including employees, their families, a few special guests and politicians. It could have been an official event, but it was a real, heartfelt party, with sincere applause both for the present management and for Sergio Zanarini, the founder, awarded - with other "historic" leading characters of Santerno - on the VIP stand.


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