Carraro celebrates 50 years of the Campodarsego plant

The over 600 employees of the Via Olmo office all together for a special training event.

Fifty years ago the new Carraro plant in Via Olmo was inaugurated, designed by the architect Ermenegilda D'Agaro, a pupil of the famous Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa.

Not merely a production site, but an architectural element designed with the utmost attention in every detail; from the choice of construction materials (wood, concrete, brass ...) to the style of the furniture, up to the definition of the spaces of light. With a care that extends from the offices to the production areas, integrating them in a single space.

A location, the one of Via Olmo, which immediately became a point of reference - even physical - of the Roman centuriation of Alta Padovana. And at the same time it was regarded as a cultural model of industrial architecture.

Fifty years after that time all the over 600 employees of the office were involved in a celebratory moment that, starting with a convivial lunch, saw them being the protagonists of a special training event focused on the industry of tomorrow.

Three speakers animated this session: Jacopo Pertile, of Azzurro Digitale, who focused his speech on "how technology is changing the way the company lives"; Fausto Panizzolo, of Moveo Walks, who addressed the topic of "robotics applied to man: how the exoskeletons will transform the way of working"; at the end Lorenzo Montagna, of Second Star Vr, shared the new scenarios related to the entrance of the "Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the factory".

A unique educational moment, which managers, employees, workers, interns saw side by side. All involved in the same way.


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