Carry: the virtual guide to the Carraro after-sales service

To find spare parts, documentation & technical assistance

Over the past two years, in the middle of the slowdown and the crisis of the global economy, the Spare Parts Division of Carraro Drive Tech has decisively focused on spreading and enhancing its image on the market.

The launch – in the Summer of 2009 – of the portal entirely dedicated to Carraro after sales is the first milestone of this path.

Carry is the testimonial of the new philosophy. A feminine presence, positive, reassuring and professional looking, helpful to anyone is willing to find information on Carraro spare parts and wants to learn more about it. A virtual guide in the new website, but also a constant presence in all forms of communication related to Genuine Carraro Spare Parts: from commercial literature to packaging, from merchandising to any other form of business communication concerning the after sales.

The registration on the Carry4you portal is quick and easy and allows repair shops, dealers and private individuals to establish a direct contact with the network of Carraro distributors. At the same time it permits to have access to technical documentation, repair and maintenance instructions for the products and to download other useful information.

The many visitors who registered in the website during important trade fairs – like Agritechnica (Hannover, 2009) and Bauma (Monaco, 2010) –discovered the advantages of On such occasions the Spare Parts Division of Carraro Drive Tech was present with a booth entirely dedicated to Carry.

This is not, therefore, just a promotional effort. The Carry4you project has primarily the purpose to “create” the culture of Genuine Spare Parts and to support all Carraro dealers and all OEM. Because Genuine means: quality, reliability, warranty.

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