New technologies for tomorrow's off-highway applications

Carraro Drive Tech towards highly innovative drivetrain systems

Knowing that once the tsunami, that dramatically impacted every area of business, has passed nothing will be the same, Carraro Drive Tech intends to consolidate its market position and to broaden its already impressive product offering, demonstrating at the same time it can count on important R&D leverages that lay the foundations for tomorrow's technological solutions.

In particular we highlighted, during the most important international recent exhibitions, some innovative technologies for advanced drive systems, conceived for tomorrow's off-highway applications.

VaryT Module
The concept represented by VaryT, presented for the first time at Agritechnica 2009, the agricultural machinery sector's most important exhibition, represents one of the most interesting technological evolutions applied to the existing range of transmissions, which will develop into a wide programme both in the agricultural and in the earth-moving sector along the next 5 years.

The continuous speed adjustment takes place by the means of a ‘full toroidal’ variator – technology famous for being used in cars and, specifically, in the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) by some of the major Formula 1 teams.

The VaryT configuration allows the constant use of the engine at the optimal number of revolutions, thereby guaranteeing important reductions in emissions, whilst increasing productivity and drive comfort, but above all guaranteeing a substantial reduction in tractor fuel consumption. Furthermore, thanks to its mechanical nature, the VaryT is today proposed as the most efficient continuous variation drive system the market can offer.

DueT 15.0
Carraro’s DueT transmission brings a typically automotive concept to agricultural transmissions, developing a highly innovative project involving dual clutch type architecture: the even gears are connected to one of the two clutches, and the odd gears to the other. When changing gear the electronic control pre-selects the required gear by means of the synchroniser, and then inverts the clutch transmitting the power.

By the means of an electronically controlled clutch the constant full traction is always ensured engaging the 4wd when braking and /or whenever the working conditions require it.

E&Go system
The new E&Go system represents the ideal union of the best technical ability in motion transmission mechanics and the know-how developed in electronics, applied to a new type of propulsion.

In this system, next to a robotized transmission, there is an inverter developed by Santerno, the Carraro Group's centre of excellence for power electronics.

This innovative, highly efficient, 2 speed electric powertrain born from an integration of abilities within the Carraro Group, is the ideal answer for tomorrow's construction vehicles, on the road to sustainable mobility.

In particular, E&Go is proposed for applications such as telehandlers and compact wheel loaders and is designed to be applied in hybrid or "zero emission" vehicles.


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