A big Open Factory at Carraro Agritalia

The spotlight just went off on the Open Factory Day, the event, which gave us the opportunity to open the doors of a plant of our Group, this year Carraro Agritalia.

For the second year we decided to participate to this interesting initiative and once again this year we were the most visited site, welcoming over 1400 people along one afternoon.

Our guests had the chance to know Carraro Agritalia in its single detail, starting from its history – therefore from the machines displayed at the Museum – and arriving to the present products, passing by the illustration of our guidelines regarding innovation and engineering implementation.

We devoted a special corner to children, with many games focused on the “tractor” subject, including a bigger version of the Carraro Green Track of 1970. Besides, everybody had the opportunity to get to know closely the various models manufactured in Rovigo as well as to make a drive test on a couple of Massey Fergusons just come out of the production line. To close the event, refreshments were accompanied by live jazz music entertainment.