The new Carraro Agricube range of tractors is presented at Enovitis

he 2017 edition of Enovitis in Campo, the most important trade fair for the wine-growing sector, served as the perfect backdrop for Carraro Tractors to showcase its new range of Carraro Agricube tractors, with an all-new design, engines and options.

In terms of style, the new range is characterised by a more modern look, highlighted by a much "warmer" grey tone and a series of graphic markings that streamline the structure of the bonnet, with special tapered lines accompanied by cleverly positioned touches of red, which lend the entire vehicle a greater sense of energy and flair. Compared to the previous version, the CARRARO branding is even more prominent, continuing the traditional design approach adopted in the past, with a striking three-colour band which draws the attention to the front of the nose, emphasising the "Made in Italy" excellence of the brand.

Beyond the new style of these machines, all of the new models presented also feature two major new devel-opments: the new Stage IIIB engine, along with the vehicle architecture - although the size remains un-changed, this naturally continues the evolution of previous models.

With regard to the new engine, an indispensable requirement to comply with the regulations governing tractor emissions, Carraro Tractors has opted for a unique solution, which differs from others selected in the specialist segment. The change of engine, and the presence of a particle filter under the bonnet, would no doubt have undermined one of the key strengths of Carraro tractors - namely the compact, lowered profile of these machines, features that are widely appreciated by the market.

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